Projects For Change

We Never Forget Who Stood Up For Us In Life. Who Will Remember You?



Where Current, Future, & Former Project Leaders In Human Rights, The Environment, Social Entrepreneurship & Beyond Come To Share Ideas!

OUR MISSION AT Projectsforchange.Org

ProjectsForChange.Us is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Carol A. Breckenridge who tirelessly advocated for the rights of others, especially women. She was a trailblazer who lead by example & her inspiration is laced throughout this project.

Mission:’ mission is to empower people all over the world to stand up for what they believe in, to know they are not alone, to advocate for the less fortunate, to connect to like-minded change makers around the world, and to learn the skills that many of us will never learn in school to convert our ideas into executable projects in human rights, social justice, the environment, animal welfare and beyond.

What Is ProjectsForChange.Us?

Think of us like a school:

2 Main Offerings:

  1. “Classroom”: The “Project-Leader School” sections are offered to those who want to learn Project Development Skills such as writing business/project plans, fundraising, strategy & more.
  2. “Playground”: The Project-Leader Social Network is where anyone who wants to create positive change can meet and connect with like-minded change activists anywhere in the world!


We want our community members to develop deep understanding of:

  1. Self-Confidence & Belief In Themselves
  2. Project Development/Business Development
  3. Green Entrepreneurship/Green Finance/Green Living
  4. Social Entrepreneurship/Social Innovations/Social Enterprise
  5. Social Justice/Economic Justice

With these tools, it is our core belief that people can literally “create the change they want to see”, as Gandhi once said!


Referer : Nesar Ahmad Bigzad

Founder President | Emerald Foundation |

In Assocaiton with ProjectsforChange.Org

Founder : Kale

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