Board of Trustees

Chairman & Founder President:

Mr.Nesar Ahmad Bigzad

Speak to Founder President

Email Only to Bigzad :

President’s Adviser: Ahmed Ilyas

C0-Founder : Jawad Ahmadi

Vice Chairs: Ms. Bigzad

Secretary Founder: Dr. Shamila Bigzad

Volunteer Patron Abroad-  Europe : Najebah Karimi ( United Kingdom – London )

 Volunteer Patron Abroad – America : Jan Ali ( United  States  Of America )

Director General:


Foreigner Affairs In-charge:

Cultural Affairs In-charge:

Information Technology In charge:

Educational In charge:

Public Health In-Charge: Dr. Asadullah Saleh

Prominent & Featured Members:

Mr. Barat

Mr. Jamsehd

Mr. Chaman Ali


Our Organizational charts give a pictorial representation of the functioning styles of the NGO. It provides a graphic view of the hierarchical system and the levels of responsibility in an the organization. It is relevant to present an organizational chart because it gives a quick, bird’s-eye view of the management structure of the NGO.


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