Our Milestones & Vissions

1. Expanding media outreach, foster expanded outreach capabilities of Afghan government institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), women’s groups, and professional associations at the grassroots level; encourage use of new media and social networking to reach a wider audience, including new leaders in all fields; support radio programming in local languages at the provincial and district level; and sponsor traditional media training programs as well as instruction in blogging and other social networking mechanisms.

2. Countering extremist voices, develop and support credible local broadcast content; counter insurgency falsehoods, messaging, and propaganda; promote national unity; present accurate information on the Afghan partnership and the new future it offers; support and develop Afghan voices and new leaders; provide educational and recreational opportunities for Afghan youth; promote awareness campaigns that support Afghan goals, such as solidarity and reconciliation; utilize cell phone technology and other modern communication tools to convey information; and develop SMS messaging and other cell phone initiatives.

3. Building communication capacity strengthen government communication capabilities at the Ministries and support Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) Media Training; develop and deepen the creative, idea-forming sectors of Afghan society, including journalists, artists, broadcasters, and publishers; extend the reach of broadcasting mediums to rural areas; develop communications capacities in rural areas; support cell phone initiatives; expand and strengthen English language programs; foster Afghan national identity; and contribute to the Afghan government’s literacy programs.

4. Strengthening people-to-people ties, by funding programs which: build connections with Afghans at all levels through targeted programming; support the Afghan educational system; support civil society and empower organizations and individuals that promote a robust civil society; support the promotion of Afghan cultural heritage, traditional and modern art forms, and other forms of creative expression; provide exchange opportunities and expose a greater number of Afghans to different perspectives through domestic, regional and international exchanges; and foster English language proficiency by providing English language programs and resources to reach a wider audience.

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