Foundations are generally founded to provide assistance in specific fields of human endeavor targeting particular cross sections of the society, in which they are operating. The Massoud Foundation, MF, is not an exceptional organization; originally, the MF was committed to undertake only a series of cultural activities for Afghan society. To provide cultural services to different social strata. Later on the founders of the MF realized that the social needs of Afghan society are much broader than originally perceived. Consequently the spectrum of its activities was extended to cover education, health, agriculture, welfare and construction sectors in additional to culture which was the original objective.

The vision of the Massoud Foundation is to build a fully developed nation in Afghanistan , socially, culturally, politically and economically at the highest possible level, within the framework of democracy, Islamic principles and the human rights charter. This vision is the vanguard at the forefront of the MF’s operations and activities in the field of education, health, culture, construction and agriculture.




Our Mission is to contemplate and deploy all of our resources and mobilizations in various disciplines towards the realization and achievements of our visions and objectives in the form of social services needed in various sectors.

National Values

Since the MF is operating in a traditional society, we pay great respect to our national honors and are devoted to the national values which enjoy high standing as far as the cosmopolitan structure of Afghan society is concerned.

For instance the concepts of freedom, independence, self-determination, none- alliance and the Islamic rule of law are the values which have been cherished and nourished for thousands of years within the heart of every Afghan.

The MF social welfare programs are designed so that it will not be detrimental to afore-mentioned national values respected by every single Afghan.

The MF is committed to address the root – causes of poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition/ under nourishment.

The MF also pledges to promote and strengthen the concepts of justice, gender, equality, equitable governance, and human rights within the frameworks of the United Nations charter in order to harmonize and coordinate its national aspirations with the aspirations of other nations within the international setting.

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Since our Afghan society is a war-stricken society and due to internal and imposed wars and social upheaval and government instability we have lost almost the entire infra-structures in various fields (including the economic, social and cultural areas) which are of utmost importance to national growth and development. Therefore the MF has adopted the following objectives in order to achieve its overall goal:

o         Improve the quality of life of various cross-sections of our society, especially of the deprived ones, through their involvement in the projects which are designed to change their way of life and relieve them from isolation and deprivation.

o        Raise and encourage public awareness as far as the concepts of human rights are concerned with particular emphasis on gender equity issues, and as they are the foundation stones of modern societies in modern times.

o        Pay  particular attention to health, education, and cultural developments as they have suffered badly during the internal anarchy and imposed wars.

o        Pay its undivided attention to socio-economic reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan by promoting sustainable projects/programs.

o        Promote, preserve and foster the thoughts and the memories of Ahmad Shah Massoud and work towards the realization of his dreams as far as peace, justice and freedom for all are concerned.


The strategies followed by the Masoud Foundation (MF) may be summarized as following:

o        MF may not play the role of an observer as far as the social problems of Afghanistan are concerned, just to watch and do nothing about them.

o        MF may follow the policy of intervention as far as the social evils are concerned. Social evils are harmful to our society and need to be eradicated thoroughly in order to rescue our people from their suffocating influences.

o        It is the MF’s responsibility to establish working relations with similar sister institutions, national and international partners and stakeholders in order to create concerted efforts to cope with the challenges and constrains confronted.

o        It is also the MF’s obligation to invite the concerned stakeholders and donors for close cooperation and collaboration in order to gain further competency in launching comprehensive programs for the achievement of its noble goals.

o        It is the MF’s thinking to follow participative approaches and methodologies in order to get the concerned communities involved for the successful operation and implementation of its programs. This includes the involvement of the Afghan people, physically and economically,in the community projects.

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