Objective & Missions

Emerald Foundation is an independent, legal, non-government, non-profit and non-political organization which tries to serve Afghanistan & Regional Countries and strives to facilitate an environment conducive to the Social development of the regional countries.

Many of the standards on corporate responsibility have been spearheaded by non governmental organizations with corporate involvement and consultation. However government has also been active and released its own guidance and tools in this area. In this briefing paper, we look at what the UK government has put forward and where you can find more information and analysis.


  1. Promote, develop and maintain our country’s traditional culture.
  2. Working Together with cultural leaders, including scholars, writers, scientists and writers who have features scientific, literary, and their research background.
  3. Creation of social services and vocational workshops for the unemployed in different fields of society such as sewing, weaving, Architecture, Carpentry, electrical, computer and English language and other effective Programs.
  4. Promote and cooperate in the implementation of social service, religious practices and religious families, circles of joy and sorrow, and broad participation in the funeral ceremony (burial), the introduction and to help poor and deserving families.
  5. Creation of art exhibitions, cultural, weaving or for the professional growth of its destination.
  6. Generation of healthy sport, social sport competitions designed and implemented to boost competitiveness and healthy sport for young people free.
  7. Providing health services to members of the Community Foundation of the Emeralds and their families and working with orphans and poor Families and ads about preventing drug use and other intoxicants that cause the diseases.
  8. Growth and development of the social and cultural relations with other countries and strengthen national institutions to create a spirit of mutual cooperation through meetings, meetings, conferences because of Encapsulation generalize experiences.
  9. Collaborations with scientific Professionals and encouraging them to work in scientific research, cultural organizations and institutions working with historians.
  10. Research in relation to history and culture of Afghanistan.
  11. Beginning a constructive dialogue to discover the true path of stability and security and social justice in society, several Afghan nationals.
  12. Surveys conducted in conjunction with some of the major issues of social and historical determination of social justice for the people’s opinion.
  13. Providing for the holding of conferences, assemblies, conferences and speeches about peace and stability,
  14. Holding some Festival of certain historical, cultural and artistic
  15. Participating in a large share in the holiday celebrations of ancient and certain cultural and historical events,
  16. Fighting poverty, and to encourage reading and writing.
  17. Providing advice on major cultural and historical
  18. Supporting job creation and researches
  19. Support researchers who supported the democratic rights and the moral right of authorship,
  20. The defense of the social science of belief, freedom of thought and expression,
  21. Introduces the major works in historical and cultural research,
  22. Valued agency researchers, analysts, authors, and cultural historians,
  23. Assistance to affected families of From the Foundation’s budget
  24. To struggle for equal rights for men and women in society.
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