Afghanistan News, Reports Other Resources

The Emerald  Foundation’s Popular Resource Library  will contain surveys, reports, research, analysis, handouts, brochures, and other materials that range from general overviews of our work, to detailed, technical information carried out through programs supported & Brought you  by The Emerald Foundation.

Popular Information Resources:

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1 ) A to Z Guide Book For Afghanistan | New 2011 Edition|

2) Four in Five Regard Internet Access as a Fundamental Right: Global Poll

3) International Poll Finds Large Majorities in All Countries Favor Equal Rights for Women

4) One World

5) Digital Opportunity

6) South Asia one world

7) I train Online

8)  Everything Material

9) Development Cooperation Report 2010 ( Afghanistan)

10) July 2011 – 6th Edition Afghanistan Bibliography

11) Afghanistan Law Bibliography

New Agencies Providing  Companies


Afghanistan News, Reports and Resources

News and reports from and about Afghanistan.

Agency Coordinating Body For Afghan Relief Bulletins
Sign up for email news from Afghanistan: subscribe to Moby Media Updates
Institute For War and Peace Reporting News
IRIN Afghanistan
Pajhwok Afghanistan News Service
Afghans News Network
Afghan News from Yahoo!
ReliefWeb Afghanistan
Afghanistan Newspaper and Media Guide
Kabul Press
Afghan Online Press

Frequent Articles
Bassirat (French)
The Global Herald
Occasional Articles
Afghana (French)
News from Afghan or Pakistani sources
Afghan Islamic Press (Subscription)
News gathering sites

Afghan News Channel

Afghanistan News


Afghan Voice


War on Terror

Daily Outlook


News Now

Afghanistan News Center

Atlantic Council

Afghan Voice

America at War 

Afghanistan Conflict Monitor

Afghanistan Ethnic Websites in English

These websites focus on the culture and news of a particular ethnic, religious or linguistic group in Afghanistan. Some are very generally focused on culture. Some are very political. Some are offensive, depending on your perspective. All websites are at least partially in English.
Note : Emerald Foundation Has Nothing To Do With The Content Of Website Linked, It’s purely as Information Source.


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The Annual Report and Project List will be available for Fiscal Year 2012:

Annual Report

Project List

Our Occasional Papers

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