Emerald Foundation Brief


The first thing we need to do is to establish a working relationship – what we call the engagement phase. This means being absolutely clear about everything that happens, and our expectations of each other. Often, written contracts are used. This is analogous to attachment in the ‘necessary developmental sequence’ I described earlier.

“Emerald Visions”

Emerald Foundation (EM) is strictly obeying the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan constitutions and international conventions as well as the country hosted Activities.

The EM (Emerald Foundation) which also an Institution Support stands for Afghan Social Association in which Humanitarianism, Tolerance & Innovation are the three principles.

Area of activities considered for this social network Institute are, desire to help others and a commitment to improving the lives of people who are really in need of assistance. Sometimes this is possible by triggering an idea.

Tolerance is the second focused principle where we welcome every opportunity and entrepreneur to meet and share ideas and yes of course to talk about innovations are the third principle of Emerald Foundation.

Emerald Foundation is not linked to any political or any governmental organizations. The Founder President is the highest secretary state in charge for Foundation.

If there is a connection that is the scope of meeting the first Objective mentioned in Objectives available in EM  Website.

There is a public donating account through the Punjab National Bank. Members are requested to hold an account subscription profile in Emerald Foundation website to receive latest stories and stay connected.

Members are welcomed from all over the world regardless of ethnicity, race, religion and other illegal in-discrimination.

The EM is however not connected to any organizations but it’s willing to share ideas and discuss issues like, social, economical, educational affairs to boost further capacity of Afghan People World Wide.

In fact Emerald Foundation is like a hub where everything is primarily based on talents & ideas, scholars and scholarship. Since the establishment day of the EM  its key members are committed to follow and obey by law.

Every member and fan of this Social Association will provide the full information containing their Bio data and short and long term plans.

No one is disqualified from getting membership unless fail to provide the information pertain and accept the terms of agreement.

Availing membership is free and always committed to be. Donors are welcomed and people with ideas to help and get help are most welcomed.

In Emerald Foundation everybody does his/her best individually to make groups and show interest in area of service pertains under EM or Partner & Allies pertained for Foundation.

The Emerald Foundation is quietly introducing the agenda for its annual program.

If we are close to people we know about their needs. Emerald Foundation is trying its best to put news and reviews about life of the people in regions where people have no ideas about Afghanistan and vice versa.

Emerald Foundation is always prepared to help and function as a bridge in culturing thoughts and using it at its best.

Emerald Foundation is proudly sharing activities with civil institutions and universities to enhance and operate co-cooperatively.

Outline for Emerald Foundation (Objectives & Missions)

1)      Expanding media engagement and building communication capacity of the Afghan people.

2)      To counter extremist voices that recruit, mislead and exploit.

3)     Strengthen people to people ties to deepen the partnership between communities within Afghanistan and between Afghanistan and the second Country.

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