What We DO


We are Spending Funds via Emerald Foundation so that,

 – Provide training to young people to develop necessary skills and knowledge to incubate ideas, identify and assess community needs, create a plan of action, execute a plan and evaluate outcomes against goals

– Build ongoing leadership capacity and long term engagement of young people

– Communicate young peoples’ success stories through various media (print, video, web based)*

People, who are forced to flee their homes and seek safety in another country, or a different part of their own country, invariably need help. Most refugees and internally displaced people leave their homes with little or nothing, and even those with some resources may soon exhaust them. Emerald Foundation and its partners provide some assistance, which takes many forms.

Counting on Contributors

Donations are sought every year for Emerald Foundation’s Annual Program Budget, which includes programs that support regular operations. But the agency also launches supplementary appeals throughout the year, seeking extra donations for new emergencies that cannot be forecast.


In the midst of conflict, education is often seen as a luxury for refugees or internally displaced people who are also struggling for food and shelter. But education is a basic right, one that is vital in restoring hope and dignity to people driven from their homes. It is an important tool to help them get back on their feet and build a better future.

Our Online Community Membership & Would Like to Convince Our Members And Visitor

Community and Social Media: ICTs for MDGs

OneWorld South Asia’s core interventions in the use of ICTs for MDGs lie in enhancing communication opportunities at the grassroots through community and social media.

People’s Radio for Development

The highly affordable, accessible and powerful medium of radio has been strategically employed to amplify grassroots voices and turn passive listeners into active creators of content.

OneWorld South Asia’s multi-dimensional community oriented radio programme Ek Duniya Ek Awaaz achieved a milestone in August 2007 with the broadcast of its 100th episode on a popular mainstream channel. The programme incorporates capacity building workshops for Community Based Organisations (CBOs) in the use of audio tools as a means for social and economic empowerment, and for networking and content sharing.

The Grassroots Broadcasters’ Network and a vibrant community of radio listeners are a positive result of our work. The new web-based Audio Content Exchange Bank is now available online at http://edaa.in.

There are plans for similar initiatives with partners in Nepal and Sri Lanka. In Nepal, the programme Ek Sansaar Ek Awaaz in now poised to mature into a full-fledged ICT-based Community Radio Station.

Digital Documentation

OneWorld South Asia’s audio and video documentation of partner initiatives has enhanced the coverage and visibility of people’s voices and campaigns.

Advocacy Centres

These rural information hubs work on the principle of Open Knowledge Network (OKN), an open knowledge platform initiated by OneWorld. Using an innovative open source knowledge exchange tool called Open eNRICH, these centres facilitate the creation, collation and exchange of local content in local language even in areas with limited internet connectivity.

These centres also encourage the effective integration of online and offline, traditional and new media for advocacy on issues of local concern.

1 ) Diplofoundation


2) Exchange Connect


3) ProjectsforChange.Org

4) EJC – Online Journalism Community


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