Afghanistan Language Library Resources

Pashto and Farsi are  official language of Afghanistan. It is an Indo-Iranian language and is spoken by an estimated 40 million people, primarily in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. ‘Pashto’ is the most common English spelling though it is sometimes referred to as ‘Pakhto’, ‘Pushto’, or ‘Pukhto’.

Afghanistan Library Collections

This site is intended as a practical reference for the Pashto language learner. Resources on the linguistic analysis of Pashto are largely omitted, as are most materials intended for non-English speaking students of Pashto.

Pashto Textbooks, Grammars and Readers

Pashto Dictionaries

Pashto Online Resources

Pashto Radio and Television

Pashto News

Pashto Publishers and Booksellers

Pashto University Language Programs

Other Lists of Pashto Language Resources

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