Afghanistan & Afghan Blogs

Afghanistan Blogs

Commentary from Non-Afghans (frequent blog posts)


Abu Muqawama

Afghan Notebook

Afghan Outsider

Afghan Wire

Afghanistan and Central Asia

Afghanistan Analysts Network

Afghanistan-Blog (DE)

Afghanistan Headlines Examiner

Afghanistan on my mind

Afghanistan Refocused


AfPak Channel

All things Counter Terrorism

ASG Blog

Brave New Films

Brave New Wave

Canada-Afghanistan Blog

Captain’s Journal

CATO @ Liberty

Community Supported Film

Conversation with Afghanistan 

The Cost of War

Crime-Conflict Nexus

Daily Kos

Daniel Esser

A Different Place

Dispatches from the Field

Enduring America

Essential Field Guides

Fabius Maximus

Felix Kuehn

Finish What Job?

FREE rad!cals

Get Afghanistan Right

Ghosts of Alexander

Hamsters on the Titanic


Ink Spots

Intelcenter (Italiano)

Jihadica Blog

Le blogue Monde (FR)

The Majlis

My State Failure Blog

Nihili (FR)

Notes From Paradise

Oldlenin’s Blog (DE)

On War and Words

Out of Central Asia Now



Permissible Arms

Steven Pressfield

Progressive Realist


Rethink Afghanistan

al Sahwa


Simon Shercliff


Terry Glavin

Think Tank

Thinking Strategically

Tim Mathews

Travels with Shiloh


Unambiguously Ambidextrous

Vital Concerns for the World

Rugs of War

World Focus

Yale Afghanistan Forum 

2010 election blog


Blogs by Journalists about Afghanistan


National Post  

Tom Blackwell

War is Boring 

Sky Reporter

Circling the Lion’s Den

Tashakor (Italiano)

Michael Yon

At War


The Pickett Lens



Afghanistan Crossroads

Checkpoint Kabul

Ann Marlowe

Mark Urban

Afghanistan Blog (DE)

Ann Marlowe

Afghan Journal

Al Jazeera Blog

Afghan Countdown

Cabul Correspondent


“Inactive” Blogs


All categories of inactive or rarely/seldom updated blogs,

as well as blogs that no longer focus on Afghanistan.


Channel 4 (UK)

The Rumi

Mirror (UK)

Daily KOS 

Pamela Varkony

Travel’s with Shiloh

Jason Burke



Salaam Afghanistan 

Pass the Roti

Still Life


Afghan Journal

Have Gun, Will Travel

Bruce’s Deployment

My Scribbles

Afghan Journalism

Afghanistan Online


War in the Sandbox

Where’s Dara? 

Letters from Afghanistan 

Midwife in Kabul

Sharon Jumper

Flora’s Afghan Diary

Life in the Field

Afghan Voice

Human Right’s Watch Election Blog

…from Afghanistan

Going Down Range


Coward in Kabul

Peace Corps Afghan Journal

Yoga Kabul

Askar gu-Raiz

Thru Afghan Eyes

In Afghanistan

…In Afghanistan


Graham Thomson

Scott Kesterson

…From Afghanistan

Salaam Afghanistan

WSU Afghanistan

International Medical Corps Blog

Northern Nevada Newswire Blog

PSPA 417 Afghanistan

The FOBit in Afghanistan

Relief International Afghanistan

Thoughts From Afghanistan

Mission: Afghanistan

Trainer in Afghanistan

Greetings from Afghanistan

The Road to the Horizon

Travel Blog Afghanistan

Blogs of War

Truth and Consequences

Taliban Country

…and Afghanistan

Anti-War Blog

Rebuilding Afghanistan 


Coming Back to Kabul

Royal Blue

Gary goes to Afghanistan

PSPA 417


Trip in Afghanistan

Casa Suescun

Task Force Phoenix 5

Fortunate Son

Sgt Dub

Strong Ideas

Afghanistan JAG

Sharing Means Caring

Trainer in Afghanistan

Relief International

Living in Afghanistan

Working in Afghanistan

Walking the Walk?


BZ-Blog aus Afghanistan

Dans le meilleur des mondes possibles (English)

Afghan Canon 

Kabul Journal  

Rebuilding in Progess?

Marc Herold 

Afghan Watch  

My Afghanistan Experience   

Bob Everdeen  

Elizabeth Matthews      

AFSC Afghanistan

Josh and Carrie in Afghanistan


The Vine

Medieval Afghanistan

My Scribbles 

David Axe

Michael Fumento

Le Blog de Gauhar

FCO Afghanistan

Ian Bach

Afghanistan Watch 


Future Makers

Afghan Warrior

Home in Kabul 

Ron’s Trip to Afghanistan

A JAG in Afghanistan

Operation Soccer Chopper

Warhammer in Afghanistan

In The Shadow of the Mountain

A Soldier’s Mind

War in the Sandbox

Afghan Wire

Jean MacKenzie

Vaughan Smith

Liz Peverly

Mivpiv in Kabul

Frida’s Notebook

Clear Path International

See broadly, feel deeply

Postings from Afghanistan

Galloping Beaver

Ignoble Savagery  

Informed Comment on Global Affairs

Noblesse Oblige

Long Warrior

Yellowhammering Afghanistan

Third Time’s a Charm

Staying in Touch

48th Combat Support Hospital

Two Brothers, Two Countries, One Army

Army 2.0

Learning to Love the Suck

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Need to fix a war torn place?

Mountains of our Mind

Dave Kasten


Vikash Yadav

The Seeker

Global Voices – Afghanistan 

Foreign Policy Blog

Untold Stories

In this world 

This way to the other side

Seeker is the Finder

Murtaza Wardak


Afghan Blog

Exploring the Heart of Asia

Afghan Corner

Mohammad Amin Wahidi

Learn Pashto Blog 

Kabul Journal (Half English)

Afghan Citizen

Balkh: The Land of Civilization

Afghan Photos

Patronus Analytical


Russian-Afghan Forum (Ru)

Security Crank

Chronicles of Butters

Kickin’ Thru the Sand

My trip to BAF

Conversations in the Desert

To the Rock Pile and Back Again


Afghani Kush

Afghan Advisor

A Year in the Sandbox

Deployed Teacher

Afghanistan Shrugged

Complex Topics

Richard’s Deployment to Afghanistan

John D McHugh

McHugh @ The Guardian

Kabul Diary

Greetings from Afghanistan

The Stupidest Man on Earth

Assignment Afghanistan

Alex Strick van Linschoten

Afghan Desk

Where is Kilroy?

Battlefield Tourist   

Anup Kuphle

Felix and Alex

Witness: Kandahar

Gretchen Peters

The Global Californian


Frida’s Notebook

Portraits of Afghanistan   

Andrea in Afghanistan

A Year in Afghanistan

Afghan Blogs

Blogs by Afghan Diaspora/Expats


Panjshir in the Mirror of Civilization


Mobarez Academician

Digital Caravan

Afghan Connections

Afghan Magazine

Voice of Afghanistan

Khalil Nouri

Nushin Arbabzadah

The Lost Flaneur

Zohra Saed

Afghanistan Study Group

Shafie Ayar


Blogs by Afghans in Afghanistan


Afghan Lord

Sanjar Qiam (Half English)

The Unheard Voice

Rejuvenation of an Afghan Soul 

Hazaristan Times

The University Campus

Afghan Penlog

Kabul Perspective

Abdulhadi Hairan


Human Rights in Afghanistan 

Basir Seerat


Towards the Light

A Writer from Kabul

Afghanistan Analysis

Noorjahan Akbar

Afghan Policy

In the Pursuit of Future



Afghanistan Military Blogs

UK Operations in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Without a Clue  

Afghanistan Blog

Miserable Donuts

Bill and Bob’s Excellent Afghanistan Adventure  

Combined Arms Center


Highland Sailor

Defense of the Realm

A Major’s Perspective

On Location

Afghanistan My Last Tour

Embedded in Afghanistan

Field Notes

The Quatto Zone

My thoughts

A World of Troubles

Helmand Blog

There’s sand in my…

Time to Wonder

Your experience may vary

USA/USMC COIN Center blog

Reflections from Dr. Jack

ISAF – Afghan Hands

PRT Kunar

Victory Through Logistics

Frontline Bloggers

Rajiv Srinivasan

270 Days in Afghanistan

Dr. JB Anderson

30 days Through Afghanistan

Livin in Harm’s Way

My View; Our Mission

Memorandum for Record

Helmand Blog

A World of Troubles

Afghan Quest

Shoulder to Shoulder

Five Star Foxhole

FaST SurgeonRockin in the Fourth World

Daily Gingerbread

Afghanistan Tour 2010

15-Month Adventure

Sean Linnane

DOD Live

Afghanistan Deployment Journal


Internationals (NGO, Security, etc.) in Afghanistan 


Afghan Connections 

Lettere da Kabul 

Harry Rud

Zen and the Art of Peacekeeping

Writer’s Musings

Free Range International

Feral Jundi

Where Liz is at


Adventures in Jalalabad

Water Flows

Afghan Womens Writing Project

Captain Cat’s Diaries

Afghanistan Midwifery Project

Knights of Afghanistan

Kandahar Diary

Sarah Fane

Una Moore

Dr Karen


UN Dispatch

Dry Mouth

Dispatches From Conflict



News Posting Blogs


Afghani Blog

The True Story

Afghan Development News


Ismaili Mail

Afghan Conflict Monitor

Amatu Al-Jabbaar

Pakhtunkhwa Times

Urdu-Pashtu Media Blog



Secondary Focus on Afghanistan


The Agonist

American Footprints

Civil Military Relations

Dinner Table Donts

Ismaili Mail

The Jawa Report

Bloodthirsty Liberal

Juan Cole

Clear Path International


Huffington Post

Red Jenny

Security Dilemmas

The Fourth Rail

The Seminal

Winter Patriot

The Fanonite

World Security Institute blog

Biztonságpolitika és terrorizmus

The Strategist

To be or not to be?

North Shore Journal

Peace like a River

And so it goes…

Matthew Good 

Mideast Youth

Laila’s Dog


Hodja’s Blog  

Law Hawk

Casualty Monitor

Kings of War  

MK’s Views

NATO…..Heroes or Criminals?  

Celestial Junk

Security Management Initiative

Moghuls in America


Adam Curtis

Crooks and Liars

Daniel R. DePetris

PCR Project

Low Intensity Conflict Review



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