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Emerging Globalization in Public Health

August 14, 2014



Our Services

Many patients find that the cost, time frame or availability of a particular procedure is too expensive or not available in their country so they travel elsewhere to get their treatment. This can range from cosmetic procedures, to stem cell and cancer treatments or knee or hip replacement surgery as examples. Travel for Blossom bring new innovative ideas like our new online Bloss Store which include lots of new products and affordable surgery,tourism and wellness packages for our global customers around the world

What we do?

  • Assistance in Choosing Best Treatment Option

Travel for Blossom will help you in choosing the best possible treatment for you. Leveraging on its extensive network of empanelled hospitals and hotels, we can provide you with treatment options and accommodation in major cities of India. Travel for Blossom will also provide you the facility to conduct teleconference or e-mail discussion between your local treating doctors, so as to clarify any ambiguity related to treatment.

  • A Dedicated Programme Manager

As soon as you confirm to avail our services, we would assign a dedicated programme manager, who will be responsible for making your travel and stay in India as comfortable as possible. Fixation of appointment with Chief Doctors on top priority with appointment fixing and travel scheduling will be taken care by your programme manager. Programme manager also will arrange consultations with doctors. He will Coordinate all pre procedural and post procedural appointments.

  • Visa Assistance/Medical Visa

We have partnered with Passport/Visa Service that will expedite the processing time.

  • Airport Pick up and Drop Facility

Once you land in India, your programme manager will greet you at the airport and will ensure your safe and comfortable journey to desired destination. Travel for Blossom strives to provide comfortable and prompt travel services to its esteemed medical travellers.

  • Private Transportation

We will provide an A/C Car with experienced driver for your local transfer.

 Extra Assistance for Disabled Patients

Travel for Blossom will provide all necessary assistance for those who are disabled.

  • Interpreter

We understand the language barrier in a foreign country, therefore to break this barrier we can provide you with interpreter to ease your stay in India.

  • Communication Aid

Travel for Blossom will provide you with a SIM card and phone so that you can stay in contact with your near and dear ones. Along with phone, we will regularly update about you to your relatives in home country through e-mails or teleconference. You may also avail the facility of video conferencing assistance in communicating family back home.

  • Accommodation

Travel for Blossom presents to you the widest range of hotels to choose from. The hotels on board range from three star hotels to seven star hotels Travel for Blossom will take care that the distance between your accommodation and hospital is kept to minimum possible.

  • Private Nursing Care

In case you require private nursing attendant post discharge, Travel for Blossom is there for you and arrange a nursing attendant for your care.

  • Special Medical Services

As the trend of international travel picks up, there has been increase in demand for Ayurveda, SPA and other Natural therapies. Travel for Blossom realize this trend and also arrange for these therapies through its empanelled centres of excellence.

  • Currency Exchange/ Insurance Cover

Travel for Blossom will help you in case of getting your currency converted to Indian Rupee and in case you don’t have insurance cover, we can help to obtain one that is suited to your requirements.

  • Tour Packages

Package Tours can be organized at very reasonable cost to various places of interest like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Agra, etc.

  • Post-Therapy Care

After your return to your country, your programme manager stays in contact with you. We can facilitate two way communications between you and your doctor, so as to take care of your post treatment follow-up.

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