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Architecture & Design Engineering Service

April 7, 2013

  1. We are responsible for maintaining records relating to testing data, and applying statistical quality control procedures.
  2. Our  Site QC Manager is responsible for following up the meetings including (Weekly Progress, Coordination meeting Agenda and minutes, Three Phase Control Inspection Documents).
  3. We do Tracking QC Deficiencies from site and preparing a Corrective action plan in order to convince the client.
  4. Direct and coordinate activities of the ready mix, asphalt, and aggregates quality control group within the division.
  5. Our SPN 2012 Lead organization in selecting products for tests at specified stages in production process and tests products for variety of qualities, such as performance, strength, and chemical characteristics.
  6. Collecting Maintaining and submitting test reports to office for further reports through QCS/RMS
    • Attending Pre-Construction, Mutual Understanding and other required meetings with client at anytime.

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Interested Clients & Construction Companies May Contact :

Tell us: How do you define modern versus contemporary interiors? Or should we bother with those distinctions at all?

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