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Cad Patent Rendering With Us

October 10, 2012

3D Rendering Services


Our Computer Rendering is a a Kabul based company producing high quality 3D architectural rendering and computer animation.

3D rendering is becoming an increasingly important selling concept in the world of architectural design and we have a range of existing clients from architects and designers to worldwide property developers. 3D architectural rendering can help you market new property or products, show interior design ideas and site layouts as well as supporting planning applications.

Our 3D rendering services include interior rendering, exterior rendering, landscape rendering, site plan illustrations, 3D floor plans, animation and much more.

Our highly talented team of professional 3D designers use the most up to date computer software and modelling techniques to create outstanding photo realistic images and animation from your ideas and drawings.

Residential 3D Floor plans

Our past clients have commissioned 3D floor plans for new luxury houses. The floor plans we created clearly showed the scale and space in the house as well as the luxury fittings that would be included once the house was finished. Our floor plans helped our client market the property fully before a builder even arrived on site.

Off Plan Overseas Floor plans

Floor plans are an essential part of marketing off plan overseas property. Whether using coloured 2D or 3D floor plans, our clients use floor plans to sell their property off plan. Additional marketing material like floor plans inspires confidence from potential buyers which is crucial in overseas property where there is usually a long time between initial purchase and property completion.

Commercial 3D Floor plans

We have created a variety of floor plans for commercial customers, ranging from business interior designers to property developers. Our floor plans have been used to support pitches for design work and to sell commercial units while they are being developed.

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