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Eight March ( PHOTO) In Brief With Input From Chadari Foundation

March 9, 2012

The 8th of March is marked as an international Women’s Day. This day has been celebrated in all parts of the world to eradicate the male chauvinism against female. International Women’s Day brings feminism and moral support to women.

Although International Women’s Day is celebrated in all over the world, the strong chauvinism is still shown in many aspects of life such as in politics, economics, and in some other social activities that emerge deprivation of women’s access to them.

Why is International Women’s Day Celebrated?
8th of March refers to New York’s fabric cotton manufacturing industry which was a sweatshop for females (they worked for late hours and received very less wages), there was a big bias and as well as a big oppression on them. The only resort they had was to go on a strike. They got success; afterwards, they continued their work without any stress for some time.

It was 8th of March 1908; the females went on a strike because of bias in New York’s fabric cotton company. The owner of the company didn’t want other females to know about the issue because he was afraid of other strikes; he confined them in his building. Abruptly, the building took fire and most of the ladies lost their life only 29 fled the building safely. The ladies disclosed such information to others and afterwards this day was known as Women’s Day.

With the passage of time, in USA and Europe a lot of strikes were emerged. Among the ladies there was a German lady, called Galarz Takin who asked for 8 hours working and maternal leave system for all ladies and it was applicable from 1857 – 1933.

A socialist conference was conducted in Europe in 1910 in which hundreds of ladies participated from 17 countries. They all supported the German Lady’s point of view; afterwards, they marked 8th of March as violence against the women right and male chauvinism.

In 1911, IWD was marked for the first time, by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Women demanded that women be given the right to vote and to hold public office. They also protested against employment sex discrimination. With the time being, Europe confronted with the financial chaos. Females were compelled to abort their fetuses.

From its official adoption in Russia following the Soviet Revolution in 1917 the holiday was predominantly celebrated in communist and socialist countries. It was celebrated by the communists in China from 1922, and by Spanish communists from 1936.

It has been hundred years that this day is celebrated in New York, but there are still many things from which women are deprived. gmic reported

8th March in Afghanistan

By Nabizada – Fri Mar 09, 2012 – From Kabul – Afghanistnan

The International Women’s Day, 8th March was celebrated today in Afghanistan, a country where women have suffered a lot during different stages of history and are still struggling to gain their basic rights of living with the support of International organizations, civil society and women networks.

Violence against women shows 51.6% increase this year, however there have been many efforts t o eliminate the violence against women in Afghanistan. A law on elimination of violence against women has been approved by President Karzai in 2009, but it has never been fully implemented yet.

Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, head of Chadari Foundation and women activist who was speaking in a large gathering on International Women’s Day in Kabul expressed her concerns about the high increase of violence rates and not implementing of the law on elimination of violence against women in Afghanistan and wanted cooperation of mass media to provide awareness to public about this law.

The Chadari Foundation has started programs that provide public awareness about law of violence elimination against women in different parts of Kabul city by posting informative posters around the city and conducting training programs.

“Most women who suffer violence do not know about law on elimination of violence against women”, said Miss. Naderi.

United Nationals Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and UN Women urged the government of Afghanistan to fully and promptly implement the law on elimination of Violence against women.

This comes as Afghan top religious council has issued a statement which has indicated many limitations for women in the society. The Ulema Council has said the women should not mix with men in school, work or other aspects of daily life. They should not travel alone without a male family member.

The statement has been backed by president Karzai which was shocking news to many Afghans and had many negative reactions of public members, civil society and rights organizations.

During Taliban period women were not allowed to study and work. Female schools were closed

Afghanistan is more a men-oriented community where there are many limitations for women traditionally.

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