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Afghan Women in the last ten years

December 31, 2011



Women as half of the population in every society have an important role in political, social, economical and cultural processes. Women participation in these processes matures the development cycles in a society.


The last 8-9 years was very effective for the political and social movement of women in Afghanistan. It gave the opportunity for the Afghan women to come out of the traditional berries and become part of a wider development processes. Afghan women with the vast support of Afghan government in improving women’s rights have proven their talent and competencies in all sectors during this period.

The Afghan government vision is to have a peaceful Afghanistan where women and men can enjoy the same rights, security and opportunities in all spheres of lives. This vision includes three main components:  peace, development and equal rights. To achieve these objectives the ministry of women affairs of government of Afghanistan carries out the followings specific activities under its strategy.

•    Elimination of violence against women

•    Human resources development

•    Women political and social participation

The purpose of implementing this strategy is to empower Afghan women in all sectors. Based on massive efforts by the government of Afghanistan in improving women’s rights with the cooperation of non-governmental entities, women participation has increased in all spheres.

•    12 percent in Emergency Loya Jirga (Grand Council)

•    20 percent in constitutional Loya Jirga

•    40 percent women turn out in presidential, national assembly and provincial council elections

•    27 percent in parliament (lower house)

•    22 percent in Senate (upper house)

•    25 percent in national consultative peace Jirga

•    21 percent government staff are women

•    9 percent women are in decision making level of Afghan government

•    5 percent women are employed in security sector

•    24 percent women are employed in health sector

•    10 percent women are employed in justice sector

•    37 percent school students are female

•     28 percent of school teachers are women

•    18 percent of higher education students are female

•    15 percent of higher education institution teachers are women

For women empowerment and gender balance, the government of Afghanistan has launched a national employment program. This program aims to make women capable in planning, policy making, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and reporting in the government and non-government entities.

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