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Responsible Journalism in World of technology and Gadgets

December 20, 2011

Responsible Journalism in World of technology and Gadgets

Responsible journalism in the new age of gadgets and latest technology is the adherence of a journalist to the code of ethics.

According to GadgetBoi:

This concept plays a key role for the promotion and protection of mass media practitioners in the field of latest gadgets trend. Should the responsible journalism be adhered or violated, this concept shall result to the violation of rights of mass media practitioners.

media gadgetsmedia gadgets

This just goes to prove the danger in the practice of mass media profession. The code of ethics, on the other hand, contains all 11 commandments that journalists should keep in mind when practicing their profession.

Neutrality– the recognition of journalists as neutral observers has largely gone. Increasingly journalists covering international conflicts are identified with their countries or are seen as “either with us or against us”. However, in a local setting, neutrality among mass media practitioners will prevail due to the danger the profession has. The killings, for example, push some journalists to be neutral in writing about certain issues just to protect their lives; thereby affecting the way how media shapes public opinion among modern gadgets like mobile phones, tablet computers and other devices.

modern gadgetsmodern gadgets

Impunity– When journalists are killed there is too seldom an open investigation and murderers are rarely brought to justice. This has led to a culture of impunity in some countries. This culture is characterized by the way the perpetrators of rights violation go freely without serving the supposed sentence because, in the first place, there is no sentence given by the justice system. This culture is the result of the tolerance of the government to the killings and other violation of rights of media practitioners. Thus, the tolerance just strengthens the perpetrators to continue violating the rights of mass media practitioners.

Media and the Offenders of Right– With the culture of impunity in the scene, it is easier for the people, especially those in the power to violate the rights of mass media practitioners. May the reason be conflict of interest or the infamous irresponsibility in the part of the media; it is still not rightful to violate the rights of mass media practitioners. What are those restrictions in the practice of press freedom for if some people took the law in their hands?

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