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Christmas Carols on Horseback

December 20, 2011

Christmas Carols on Horseback

People on horseback in falling snow (AP Images)

Snow doesn’t stop members of the Saddle Pals Horse Club from singing Christmas carols on horseback in Frisco, Colorado. The group of women has been doing the ride down the town’s main street for 16 years. Riding groups in San Antonio, Texas, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, also go caroling every year.

Caroling is still popular in the United States, but it is more common to find carolers strolling through a shopping mall than going door-to-door in their neighborhoods. Carolers often spread Christmas cheer at residences for the elderly and hospitals. Some groups sing to raise money for worthy causes or collect food donations for the needy.

New twists include virtual caroling (posting a video online) and caroling “flash mobs.” Recently, shoppers at a mall in Logan, Utah, were startled when a man who had been sweeping the floor suddenly broke into song. About 150 members of the American Festival Chorus gradually emerged from the crowd and joined him in singing a Christmas carol. For a few minutes, at least, everyone was celebrating Christmas together.

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