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Global Warming Mind Map

December 13, 2011

Below are various mind maps about global warming and related issues. For more information on each mindmap you can download the ebook Global Warming: A Mindmapper’s Guide to the Science and Solution by clicking here.

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New mind map!: How to create effective behaviour change programs


Mind map 1: Combating global warming (Chapter 5)

*New* Dutch translation: Oplossigen voor de opwarming van de aarde (Doe iets)

Spanish translation: Soluciones para el calentamiento global

Indonesian translation: Mengatasi pemanasan global

Vietnamese translation: Chan dung nong len toan cau

Japanese translation: Combating global warming

German translation: Klimawandel vermindern

Italian translation:Risolvere il problema del riscaldamento globale


Mind map 2: Science of global warming (Chapter 2)

small impacts

Mind map 3: Impacts of global warming (Chapter 2)


Mind map 4: Population and the planet (Chapter 4)


Mind map 5: Population solutions (Chapter 4)


Mind map 6: The big polluters (Chapter 3)

small gov

Mind map 7: The government and climate change (Chapter 6)


Mind map 8: What others are doing about climate change (Chapter 10)


Mind map 9: Behavioural change strategies (Chapter 7)

goal setting

Mind map 10: Goal setting for a liveable planet


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