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Disqualified female MP starts indefinite hunger strike

December 3, 2011

Sunday, October 02, 2011 – An Afghan female parliament member, Semin Barekzai who was disqualified during the final decision of Afghan Independent Election Commission, started an indefinite hunger strike after setting up a camp near the Afghan parliament building.

Semin Barekzia, representing Herat province in Afghan House of Representatives, was among 9 parliament members who were replaced by nine newly elected parliament members, after Afghan Independent Election Commission announced its final decision, in a bid to finalize last year’s parliamentary election issues.

Semin Barekzai claimed her votes have been misplaced by the election commission officials.

This comes as the disqualified MP, Semin Barekzai issued an open letter accompanied with evidences and documents to Afghan president Hamid Karzai and urged president Karzai to reconsider the final decision of the Independent Election Commission.

On the other hand, members of the parliamentarian coalition for law support prevent joining the Afghan parliament in reaction to disqualification of nine sitting parliament members.

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