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Afghan woman being forced to marry her rapist

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Gulnaz says she at first tried to hide the attack against her because she could be killed for bringing shame on her community.

By Nick Paton Walsh

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — Afghan prosecutors announced Wednesday that a young rape victim, jailed for adultery after reporting the crime and pushed into marrying her attacker, would have her sentence reduced from twelve to three years. The prosecutor said she would, for now, remain in jail — with her child — for not reporting her attack fast enough.

Gulnaz serving out her sentence with her child
Gulnaz is in Kabul’s Badam Bagh jail, serving out her sentence with her rapist’s child. (Photo: CNN)

In a remarkable case that is all too common in Afghanistan but has drawn international attention, 21-year-old Gulnaz was attacked by a relative two years ago, but sentenced to 12 years in jail for adultery.

She has since given birth to a girl from the attack. Because of the dishonor of sex outside of wedlock, she had been given the choice of marrying her attacker to get out of jail and legitimize her infant daughter in the eyes of Afghanistan’s conservative society.

The child is imprisoned with her at Badambagh Prison on the outskirts of Kabul.

Gulnaz says she at first tried to hide the attack against her because she could be killed for bringing shame on her community. Only her pregnancy exposed the attack and began criminal investigations that led to her conviction for adultery.

On Wednesday a spokesman for the Afghan attorney general said her sentence had been reduced by another court hearing to three years and that the main remaining charge against her was not reporting her attack early enough. A lawyer for Gulnaz, Kim Motley, said her client was only on Tuesday made aware of the reduced sentence and there had been no official notification of it.

The attorney general spokesman, Rahmatullah Nazari, said their investigation had concluded there was no rape, but instead sex outside of wedlock, resulting in both the male attacker and Gulnaz being convicted of adultery.

“Gulnaz claims that she has been raped. But because she reported the crime four months later, we couldn’t find any evidence [of an attack],” Nazari said. “She was convicted for not reporting a crime on time.”

Gulnaz’s attacker denied having sex with her. He told CNN he was serving jail time because he had been accused of rape. His conviction records show he is in jail for “zina”, a Dari word that directly translates as “adultery.” Human rights workers note that rape cases are often handled as adultery in Afghanistan’s court system.

The spokesman for the prosecutor added, however, that Gulnaz might soon receive a presidential pardon.

“There is a strong possibility that she would be pardoned under a presidential decree in the upcoming important dates like Prophet’s birthday or Afghan new year,” said Nazari.

Nazari said the Afghan prosecutor’s investigation had concluded that Gulnaz and her attacker had had consensual sex several times. Months later, when it emerged she was pregnant he said, their families met to try and settle the issue through a financial payment. When those discussions broke down, Nazari said, the accusation of rape was made.

The courts ultimately found both parties guilty of adultery, Gulnaz receiving two years, and her attacker seven. A later court ruling then increased her sentence to twelve years. A third court hearing, which happened in the past month but about which Gulnaz heard little until Tuesday, decided that she should serve a total of three years — not for adultery but instead for failing to report a crime quickly enough.

Throughout her interview with CNN, Gulnaz was emotional but consistent and clear in telling her story of a single incident of rape by one attacker, the husband of her cousin, when her mother left her alone to make a hospital visit.

Source: CNN


BAHAWI, Nesar Ahmad Gold medal in the Asian Taekwondo Qualification Tournament for London 2012 Olympic

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Bahawi at Glance:

18 registered fights, fighter won 9 out of them. That’s a rate of 50.0%
74 hitpoints distributed and 60 collected during fights.
Won 2 golden point(s) and lost 1.
Participated at 9 tournaments, 9 with international and 0 with national valuation.

China won 12 golds on Day 6, including two in the pool, and is on track to surpassing the record of 183 it set at the 1990 Beijing Asian Games. The Republic of Korea (ROK) is second in the table with 37 golds and Japan is third with 21.

Sun, 18, who was beaten into second place in the men’s 200m and 400m freestyle events by ROK Olympic champion Park Tae-hwan, finally outshone his rival in 1,500m. He dominated the longest event in 14:35.43, breaking teammate Zhang Lin’s Asian record by 10.41 seconds.

The time was 0.87 seconds behind the world record of 14:34.56 set by Australian Grant Hackett in July 2001.

Park finished second in 15:01.72 and ended his second Asiad with seven medals, including three golds.

“I thought Hackett’s world record was too far away from me, but now it’s so close,” Sun said. “But I have not thought about breaking the record. I will start from the very beginning tomorrow and work hard for next year’s world championships and the London Olympics.”

China claimed all but two women’s gold medals in the pool after six days of competition, with 14-year-old Ye winning two to prompt speculation she will make a big splash in the London Olympics.

Ye eased to victory in the women’s 200m individual medley in 2:09.37, adding to the 400m individual medley title she won on Sunday.

“My goal in the coming two years is to win in the London Olympic Games,” Ye said.

Tao Li of Singapore won the women’s 50m butterfly title to become the only swimmer from outside of “three giants” – China, the ROK and Japan – to win a swimming gold.

Japan was the biggest winner, with Naoya Tomita winning the men’s 200m breaststroke in the absence of Kosuke Kitajima and Junya Koga prevailing in the 50m backstroke. It also won the men’s 4x100m medley relay after China, which touched first, was disqualified.

Japan and China each won 16 gold swimming golds four years ago in Doha, but China ruled the pool this time with 24 golds. Japan took only nine and none of them were from its women. The ROK got four and Singapore had one.

Thailand, Indonesia and Jordan became the new countries to win a gold medal, increasing the number of gold-winning delegations to 17.

Nabil Hassan of Jordan defeated Nesar Ahmad Bahawi of Afghanistan to win the men’s 80kg taekwondo gold medal. Thailand’s Sarita Phongsri beat Vietnam’s Thi Hoai Thu Nguyen to win the women’s under 53kg taekwondo title. Indonesia tasted its first gold in the men’s dragon boat 1,000m straight event.

The ROK swept both gold medals on the opening day of fencing, with Kim Hye-rim winning the women’s individual sabre and Kim Won-jin taking the men’s individual epee.

In rowing, China bagged six out of seven titles and Japan got one.

Shooting also closed its action on Thursday, when the ROK’s remarkable run continued by winning three of four events, taking its tally to 13 golds, only two behind China.

In weightlifting, Kazakhstan stole the limelight as two lifters claimed gold medals to break China’s monopoly on weightlifting.

Two-time world champion and world record-holder Svetlana Podobedova clinched the gold of women’s 75kg with a considerable margin of 22kg from second-place and Olympic champion Cao Lei of China. Reigning champion Ilya Ilyin took the gold of men’s 94kg by snatching 175kg and jerking 219kg for a winning total of 394kg.

In soccer, the Chinese women emulated the fortune of their male counterpart, losing 8-7 on penalty kicks to the ROK after a 0-0 draw left them tied atop Group A. China still advanced in second place.

 By :Xinhua

* These data may not be used to assessing an athlete, as the level of the tournament (national / international, etc.) is not considered. Calculated on the basis of all available data.
GUANGZHOU – Chinese teenagers Sun Yang and Ye Shiwen emerged as gold hopefuls for the 2012 London Olympics as the Asian Games swimming competition wound down on Thursday and took host’s overall gold-medal haul to 109.

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