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Open letter from Law support Coalition (Afghanistan parliamentary group)to: The UN Human Rights Council CC: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, FIDH

October 19, 2011

Kabul, 3 October 2011

Afghanistan will respect the United Nations Charter, the Inter-governmental treaties, international conventions that Afghanistan has signed and the Universal declaration of Human rights. (Article VII Afghanistan Constitution) Simin Barakzai, a member of Afghanistan House of Representatives and the parliament Law support Coalition began a hunger strike on Sunday morning October 2, 2011. Simin Barakzai is thirty years old and is from Herat. She has three children. She was a candidate for the Afghanistan Parliament elections in 2010 and became of the elected members after the final results were confirmed by the Independent Election Commission and condoned by the UN Security Council and all observatory instances. During the last spent eight months since her election, she served as one of the representatives in Parliament. In an illegal political move, under direct pressure of the President of the country, Simin Barakzai along with eight other members of the House of Representatives, were crossed out and excluded manu militari from Parliament by the Independent Election Commission and replaced by others. According to Article 83 of the Constitution and Articles 58 and 62 of the Electoral law: No institution, including the Independent Election Commission, has the authority to make changes to election results the final results have been announced. The Independent Election Commission emphasized and confirmed this principle in its statement issued 25 June 2011. The Parliamentarian Simin Barakzai is one of the active members of the Parliamentarian group Law support Coalition, a human rights and women’s rights activist and an active journalist. She is paying the price for her relentless positions and critical stances over the breaking the law by the Government. There are lessons to be learnt from the shocking story of what really happened on the day when new members were introduced into the Parliament and how Simin Barakzai and her eight other colleagues were “fired”. Hundreds of armed men belonging to the Army and the Police encircled the Afghanistan Parliament building, in what seemed like a military coup, and barred the entrance to Simin and the other parliamentarians belonging to the Parliament Law support Coalition. The nine newly “designated” representatives were introduced inside the Parliament building by force. Not only this unprecedented act was contrary to the principle of separation of powers and the principle of independence of the Parliament but was also contrary to all international standards and rules. Simin Barakzai’s life is in danger Simin Barakzai was sure that in resisting alongside the Parliament Law support Coalition and with the backing of International bodies she would win over the Government’s bullying. In the face of these shocking events she has decided, in an unprecedented move, to go on a hunger strike. Her life is now in danger. This combative Member of Parliament is not in good physical health. Based on our experience and understanding of the Afghanistan government authorities, the Parliament Law support Coalition is not hopeful that Simin’s hunger strike would awaken these dormant consciences. This reading of the situation puts even more weight on the shoulders of international and national human rights institutions and defenders, the, the Human Rights Council, International Criminal court and organizations supporting the rights of women and defending the rights to life, liberty and justice. The Law support Coalition invites representatives and missions from these institutions to come to Afghanistan and study the situation closely. We ask that in the name of respect for law and its principles, the rightful cases of Simin and her eight colleagues and the new nine persons who have occupied their seats be studied independently and comprehensively. We ask why Simin Barakzai and her colleagues were first officially declared publicly as elected parliamentarians and then after 10 months of parliamentarian sessions and activities as law-makers were crossed out of the list of parliamentarians. We ask how did the nine persons who have been seated in parliament by a government coup, and had been previously been excluded and declared as having committed fraud by the Independent Election Commission, receive eligibility by the same Commission? The Law support Coalition is informed that the reason for the initial disqualification of the nine new persons had not been limited to fraud but, in addition some of these persons are accused of widespread human rights violations, abductions, killings, rape and heavy crimes. This makes the issue of the involvement of international and independent Human rights institutions even more urgent and necessary. The Law support Coalition proposes requests the following course of action and independent investigations: 1. on the cases of the Nine legally elected parliamentarians who are members of the Law support Coalition and the nine named representatives who have been seated manu militarily; 2. on the Independent Election Commission’s illegal action; 3. on the role and pressure exercised by UNAMA in defense of the illegal decision made by the Independent Election Commission; 4. on the cases of persons accused of Gross Human rights violations who have been introduced into parliament by Government gun force; 5. on the illegal and unconstitutional actions led by the President and the Supreme Court in establishing the Special court; 6. a UN Human rights Council special rapporteur/Independent expert be named for Afghanistan; 7. The International Criminal Court to conclude on the preliminary analysis of Afghanistan and launch action in order to address the cases of human rights violators allowing that they be prevented from access to public and civil institutions in Afghanistan 8. monitor the implementation of international conventions on human rights and democracy in Afghanistan

LINK ON FIDH The Parliament Law support Coalition

Email address: ls.coalition@yahoo.com

Mobile: +93 799 111 111 and +93 777 620 620

Address: Kart-e-3


Source : http://armanshahropenasia.wordpress.com

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