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Consult Emerald Foundation Direcotor – Hyderabad City of India

October 17, 2011

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Aamozgar is fortunate and grateful to have college counselors who are willing to assist Afghan students in their endeavors to study abroad. These counselors both Afghan and foreign are willing to devote their time consulting Aamozgar’s perspective students to colleges and universities.

We have foreign counselors who have an in-depth knowledge of their own respective countries. We also have Afghan counselors studying in these countries who are familiar with the education systems both in Afghanistan and abroad.

We highly encourage our members to contact our counselors for consultation and guidance.
Azizuddin Sultani is an Afghan student who finished his secondary education at Khowaja Abdullah Ansari high school. Upon graduation from high school, he won a ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) scholarship to study for his bachelor’s degree in Pune University, India. After completing his undergraduate degree, he won another scholarship from the Indian embassy in Kabul to study for his master’s in Osmania University, Hydarabad, India.

He has achieved great academic success throughout his studies in India. He has been honored by the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in India for achieving the 3rd winner of national Seminar Elocution Competition held by STES, Sinhgad Technical Education Society. Aside from studies, he is also a very active community member. He has taken part in WOSY (World Organization for Students and Youth, FISA-P (Federation of International Students Association of Pune, and in the first parliament of Indian students council.

As a man of great achievements, Aamozgar is grateful to have Azizuddin Sultani as a counselor to perspective Afghan students to Indian colleges and universities. He is more than happy to consult and guide Afghan students for possible scholarships to India.

Email: Azizuddin.star@gmail.com

Phone: 0091-988 512 3987

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